On April 1st 2019, the Brooke County Board of Health made an amendment to the Clean Air Regulation of 2014 known as Amendment 1 that became effectively immediately.

There is a copy of the Amendment 1 uploaded on the Brooke County Health Departments website at www.brookecountyhealthdepartment.com.

In this amendment, it states that smoking is NOT regulated in Free Standing Limited Video Lottery rooms.

By definition in the regulation, a “Free Standing Limited Video Lottery room” is defined as:

“..a room that is devoted solely to the placement of limited video lottery machines licensed by West Virginia Lottery Commission.
For the purposes of this regulation , a Free Standing Limited Video Lottery Room:
1) is a room that prohibits the entry of persons under the age of 21; and
2) is an enclosed area that does not allow infiltration of secondhand smoke into any non-smoking area; and
3) shall be separate from any areas that serve food and/or alcohol.”

Please see the attached Amendment 1 for more information.



Clean Air Regulation of 2014 Amendment #1