Safe Litter Cleanup Tips

  1. When cleaning litter, it is important to do so in a safe and responsible manner.
  2. Always work in groups if possible.
  3. Wear reflective vests to promote visibility.
  4. Wear gloves or use litter grab device.
  5. Wear Long Sleeve Shirts and Pants if weather permitting.
  6. Always supervise children who may be participating in cleanup.
  7. Avoid wearing headphones that could cause warning impairment.
  8. Do not pick up litter on the roadway.
  9. Do not compact trash bags – injuries from sharp or broken objects may result or the bag may burst.
  10. Carry a box to put sharp items in such as glass or broken bottles.
  11. Do not pick up syringes or hypodermic needles.

Things to Watch Out For!

  1. Exposure to sharp metal. Everyone should have a current tetanus shot prior to cleaning up litter. Tetanus is available at the Brooke County Health Department. 304-737-3665
  2. Watch for suspected toxic or hazardous materials. Methamphetamine labs are sometimes discarded along banks of roads as litter. If you or your group finds anything suspicious that may be hazardous or potentially hazardous, do not pick it up and notify Brooke County Dispatch at 304-737-3660. Below is a picture of some items used during the methamphetamine process. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, DO NOT TOUCH!